Подгузники Pampers Premium Care 11-18 кг, 5 размер, 44 шт.

Подгузники Pampers Premium Care 11-18 кг, 5 размер, 44 шт.

List Price: 113,378.60 руб.
Price: 73,696.09 руб.
You save: 39,682.51 руб. (35%)
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Российская Федерация
List Price: 113,378.60 руб.
Price: 73,696.09 руб.
You save: 39,682.51 руб. (35%)
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Тип товара:
Вкладыши ворсистого
Weight of the child:
11-18 kg
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Тoлько oригинальная сертифицирoванная прoдукция
Гарантийнoе oбслуживание в oфициальных сервиcах
Курьерoм дo двeри зa 2-7 рабoчих днeй в 50 гoродов


Гарантия качества Все товары на Tmall сертифицированы для продажи в России и закупаются y официальных поставщиков.
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Получение заказа Перед вскрытием посылки в присутствии курьера или сотрудника почты проверьте её на наличие повреждений.
Возврат товара Вы можете вернуть товар без объяснения причин в течение 15 дней с момента получения. ⚹

⚹ зa иcключeниeм тoвapов нaдлeжaщeгo кaчecтвa из пeрeчнeй, утвepждeнныx Пocтaнoвлeниями Пpaвитeльcтвa № 55 oт 19.01.1998 и № 942 oт 10.11.2011 (в т. ч. тoваpы личнoй гигиeны и пo ухoду зa рeбeнкoм, тpикoтaж, пocудa и дp.) пpи уcлoвии сoxpанeния тoвaрнoгo видa и цeлoстнocти упaкoвки.


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Подгузники Pampers Premium Care 11-18 кг, 5 размер, 44 шт..
Отзыв написан: Jessika O.
Whoever devised this rocks! Whether you need an item of this variety this one DOES THE JOB!! commit to me, I realize what I’m judging about. I have only had it for three days, but I have to come on here to leave a customer review: ?????????? Pampers Premium Care 11-18 ??, 5 ??????, 44 ??. is precisely what is mentioned. The sum was nice and conveyance and customer service was awesome.

Actually, I had a rough way to such a degree of buyer’s happiness. Have had several bad purchases. Because of these events, I found that all of these were just vain expenses. Nothing but annoyance and regret. But I made up my mind to give it a second shot, so I did my search. I elaborately searched plenty of stores and hundreds of conformable items. I viewed many producers’ characterizations and opinions. Then I came upon this site and ?????????? Pampers Premium Care 11-18 ??, 5 ??????, 44 ??. – and made up my mind to give this a try... and I'm so glad I did.

I bought it based on the enthusiastic reports and nice price. For this money, I am very delighted. I love this item! It’s one of the best I have ever bought, no disappointment at all. This suits my wants better than any of the other goods that I have sampled. I can't imagine I didn't get this earlier.

If you demand a product like this, this is an high variant. 5* all the way. I'm apparently happy about it – I’m even going to order more when they are on sale. This article is apparently one of those stuff that make monotony more agreeable. It more than meets all the characteristics that are significant for me. Great conception – perfect article overall.

OK, I'll stop chatting, but I just had to give this perfect article a little commendation. I highly recommend!
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Sampled it for the first time today and I indeed love it. This article is winning! No complaints at all, though I had a lot of questions before the deal. Quite a surprising piece of luck after all previous disappointments :-)
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